Kidder Mathews is pleased to present The Vineyards at Earlimart, a unique ±320-acre property consisting of eight (8) contiguous parcels on the east side of Hwy 99, just north of the city of Earlimart,in Tulare County, California. Providing for interim income, the property is currently being farmed for table/raisin grapes, Jujubes, and almonds in an IRS designated Economic Opportunity Zone. After a lengthy 12-year process, this prime holding has been re-entitled for mixed-use development and incorporated into the Earlimart Community and Tulare County General Plan. Lot lines have been adjusted to reflect the new land uses.

ADDRESS East of Hwy 99 and North of Deer Creek Ave, Earlimart, CA 93219
Total Parcels Eight (8)
ZONING 1 Industrial, 2 Commercial, 2 Multifamily Residential, 3 Single Family Residential

Property Details

Entitlements are in 8 legal contiguous parcels, which can be sold together or individually.

Site  APN AC Zoning
01 316-180-008 16.00 AC Industrial
02 316-180-013 83.99 AC Medium Density Single Family Residential
03 316-180-012 28.18 AC Medium Density Single Family Residential
04 316-180-011 20.50 AC High Density Multifamily Residential (76 Units / AC)
05 316-180-010 11.21 AC Commercial
06 316-120-014 118.75 AC Medium Density Single Family Residential
07 316-120-013 29.69 AC High Density Multifamily Residential (76 Units / AC)
08 316-120-012 9.90 AC Commercial

Lot lines have been recently adjusted and recorded to comport new zonings.

Water Supply & Use

Irrigation water is produced by two 16" wells on the east side of Road 136. Both produce a combined ±1,700 gallons of water per minute. Another 16" well, on the west side of Road 136, produces ±1,200 gallons per minute. There are also 5" domestic wells at both mobile home sites and a 8" well that produce ±500 gallons per minute on the 16-acre industrial parcel. This 8" well also serves the 10,000 SF steel building on the north side of the creek.

Located at the north edge of the property, Deer Creek also recharges the water table for the property's ground wells.

Entitlements are in 8 legal contiguous parcels, which can be sold together or individually.

Possible Zoning Uses

  • Active recreation
  • Passive recreation
  • Single dwelling units
  • Multiple dwelling units
  • Residential care facilities 6 or fewer persons
  • Restaurants with / without a drive-through
  • Eating / drinking establishments
  • Raising of fruit and nut trees, vegetable & horticultural specialties
  • Multiple family dwellings

Agriculturally rich soil with a total gross production value of more than $7.5 billion in 2019.

Market Analysis

From self-driving tractors to herbicide sprayers that pinpoint the weeds, companies show off machines to make farming more efficient and economical during the 2023 World Ag Expo in Tulare County, which focused on the future of agribusiness.

Tulare County is located within the heart of the Central Valley and is situated in a geographically diverse region. The Central Valley is California's agricultural hub. Located in the inland part of the state, it stretches 450 miles from Bakersfield to Redding.

The County of Tulare is home to the World Ag Expo. The geographic region is culturally diverse and agriculturally rich. Tulare County's total economic picture includes agriculture, logistics, substantial packing and shipping operations, major manufacturing plants, healthcare, and bioeconomy.

In the 20th century settlers began cultivating the land. The agriculturally rich soil of what was formerly Tulare Lake is used for farming, with a total gross production value of $7,505,352,100 in 2019.



57° - 96°


20.0 IN


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